A performance management tool designed to make better decisions in real time.

RetailApp is the answer to the needs of a retail industry more dynamic than ever combining all our retail experience with technology and data management.


Automatice daily opening and closing tasks. Discover the status of each store, at any time and from anywhere.


Use AI to predict impact of external events.


Get instant notifications when an indicator performs above or below targets.

More capacity for retailers

The first platform created to boost the growth of retail companies. By integrating with all business areas in an innovative ecosystem, we fully professionalize the operations of the industry so that you can make better decisions in real time. RetailApp can help you with everyday tasks, as well as discover the evolution of your business.

An attractive interface and an agile and intuitive user experience.

Browse through more than 40 KPIS to make sure the results are aligned to your goals.

Your chats, calls and video calls without leaving the platform with all team members.

RetailApp Consulting is the possibility of unlocking all the potential through data, experience and the technological opportunities that the industry demands.

Join an innovative alliance to unlock the maximum potential of your retail customers, whether you are a consultant or reseller of our solutions.

Our customers

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