Reseller Partners

Never before has retail data been so accessible! With RetailApp™, leaders within organizations worldwide can get the KPI data they need by simply picking up their smartphones and selecting the range of data they need to review. Our reseller partners deeply appreciate how RetailApp™ facilitates the process of turning KPI data into tangible action items – it’s an easy thing to sell to their clientele.

With RetailApp™, your clients can finally access the up-to-date data they need to make critical business decisions. Unlike other tools, ours is simple, easy to use, and a functioning analytics tool with data as current as yesterday.

We can customize the look, feel and KPIs that your clients want and need, as well as providing expert level support throughout the implementation process. Within just two weeks, your clients can be completely onboarded with RetailApp™, using the data to drive the daily decisions that influence their success.

How Our Reseller Program Works

Master Reseller Partners

There are significant opportunities to grow business and expand service offerings for Master Resellers who integrate RetailApp™ into the service offering for their reseller clientele. After identifying applicable resellers in specific markets, Master Resellers can then facilitate bringing this innovative platform to their retail clients.

Since most retail customers have an integrator of choice to advise the implementation of tools like RetailApp™, this Master Reseller program offers new opportunities for retailers who may never otherwise find this business-critical tool. RetailApp™ reseller partners can retain their preferred client partnerships and bring the benefits of KPI data that’s easy to access and up-to-date to their retail clients.

How Our Master Reseller Program Works

We offer a percentage of revenue on the contracts you close, sharing the pool with lower level resellers. The revenue sharing percentage is based on the market and size of the company.

OEM Partners

RetailApp™ partners with leaders in retail technology, software and even hardware to integrate our one-of-a-kind platform with retail-specific products and services. From payment portals like the popular Clover system, to business strategy and merchandising services, our OEM partners can get a leg up on the competition by partnering with RetailApp.

You can integrate the RetailApp™ platform with OEM products in order to streamline the communication of data from payment portal to reports. RetailApp™ displays appropriate data (based on company-set permissions levels) at the executive on down to store manager levels, and with fully integrated data from RetailApp™, our OEM partners can offer even more of a value-add to their customers. Using RetailApp™, leaders within retail organizations can make more informed decisions about everything from opening a new store in a growing region, to improving storefront displays based on sales data.

How Our OEM Program Works

RetailApp offers a 50 percent commission on sales made under our OEM partners. The app can be customized to white-label our platform through your organization’s branding, offering an exclusive advantage over other tools.

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Download Our Brochure