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Our Solutions

We invite you to discover how RetailApp can help you implement a new way of managing your team and your stores, adapting our solutions by type of industry, company size or according to your goals.


The first performance management tool that includes digital Checklist, predictive models and social and communication tools.

RetailApp Checklist

Automation and monitoring of daily opening and closing tasks at your stores to create the best shopping experiences.

RetailApp Gourmet

We make it easier to manage food chains from a tool that boost the results and motivation of the teams.

RetailApp Consulting

We design strategies based on your company's data to unlock your full potential and achieve your goals.

Solutions by industry

Make more efficient decisions by monitoring in real time the performance and results of your team members.

Lead your segment by optimizing processes and operations in all areas of the company to maximize your company’s results.

Analyze, in real time, indicators that allow you to evaluate the shopping experience and generate more loyal customers to your brand.

Cost reduction, administration of goals and budgets. A tool that adds profitability to your company.

Discover real competitive advantages, improve planning and increase performance. Measure the evolution of your business.

Solutions adapted to the size of your company

RetailApp helps you in the automation of tasks and processes managed daily at your points of sale. Discover an innovative way to boost your results and achieve your goals.

We know the challenge of managing a large number of stores. Our solutions are designed to improve the performance of all team members.

Simplify the processes and enhance communication between the members of your team. Create custom alerts to monitor the results in real time.

Solutions designed to achieve your goals

A performance management tool that allows you to create an organizational culture based on data and performance, to make better decisions in real time.

Thanks to our predictive models, discover the impact of external events to have the right stock in a timely manner, while also evaluating your competitors.

RetailApp provides access to reports and comparative real-time performance of your company, digital Checklist, voice assistant and tools to improve results.

Find out how RetailApp can help you unlock the full potential of your business.