Webinar RetailApp #1: Translating Big Data into Decisions

Relive the first edition of RetailApp Webinar Series. In two meetings that attracted more than 50 spectators, our CEO, Gonzalo Almada, along with Alejandro Solorzano, VP Global Sales, presented their analysis on one of the challenges of the retail industry: "Transform Data into Decisions". If you could not attend this event, we invite you to relive it by accessing our Youtube channel. Select your language and enjoy it: Portuguese Spanish Do you want to keep up with our upcoming events? Register to receive our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

RetailApp - How to mesure, analyze and improve your clients shopping experience

How to mesure, analyze and improve your client’s shopping experience?

Improving our client’s in-store experience always turns out to be a challenge all areas of a company should focus on. Having said that, how can we improve something if we cannot measure it properly? As we stand against an increasingly more competitive market, this premise becomes the foundation to achieve sustainability. Managing your brand’s bond with your clients is what will allow you to stay competitive. The first step in this journey is to recognize all stages and events that result in your client bonding with your brand. Second, is to have access to a tool that would help you…

RetailApp - How can BI help you in decision making

How can Business Intelligence help you in making decisions?

The power of data is one of the realities that grows year after year and 2018 was no exception. We started talking about Big Data a while ago. We continue by Artificial Intelligence. Now we add Business Intelligence (BI) In 2015 we launched RetailApp, recognizing the importance of transforming that data into necessary information for your routines and those of your entire team. As you already know, analyzing the data that your company is generating, to transform them into information that we show you in real time in a clear and easily accessible way is one of our distinctive features.…