5 Ways Retail Businesses Can Get Better at Social Media

5 Ways Retail Businesses Can Get Better at Social Media

Fliers and TV commercials are no longer the best options for getting the word out about your retail business. Social media has paved the way for numerous new opportunities, and those who are utilizing them are definitely cashing in. By changing your operational strategies to suit these new forms of marketing, you are sure to see an increase in sales. However, it may be that you have already jumped on the bandwagon, but not seen the upswing that you were hoping for. Whether you are simply looking for a boost in your social media or are new to the whole thing, these five tips can help you find your niche.

1. Pick Your Networks Wisely

There are a lot of different social media sites out there, so it can get overwhelming to figure out which ones that you should focus on to get the most improvement for your effort. In a study conducted by Business Insider, the top most trendsetting social media sites for women are fashion blogs as a whole, though obviously that is a hard market to aim at in it’s entirety, as well as Facebook and Pinterest. These last two are much easier and more efficient to target, and they can help you get the most bang for your buck.

2. Utilize Retargeted Advertising

Many people regularly scroll through Facebook and Pinterest throughout the day just to kill time, but this interest tends to peak when they need something specific. Going to a wedding? Need a new dress or suit. New hairstyle for a cocktail party? New hair products. Women especially tend to scroll through these sites in order to find some good options, and they may have a few that they are interested in. Retargeted advertising reminds the customers of what they’ve seen but haven’t bought, therefore bringing it to the forefront of their mind. Facebook has been very successful with this strategy.

3. Make Customers Feel Exclusive

When customers take part in following your retail store on social media, they want to be rewarded for their effort. While some of these people may be loyal customers that stop in all the time to try your new products, others may have little to no experience with your products, but have liked them so far. A great way to reel them in is by offering exclusive deals to your followers, whether that is through Facebook, or even something like Twitter. Do giveaways, or tell them first about a sale that is going to happen. This gets your customer base more invested in your business, as they’ll make sure that they’re always paying attention to your updates.

4. Pay Attention to Reviews

As you know, word of mouth is incredibly important for a business. Now, often, word of mouth is infused with the digital age by means of posts, messages and reviews. Pay close attention to all of your reviews and messages, especially the bad ones. If you do see a bad review, be sure to respond as quickly as possible. It will likely smooth over the situation and will encourage more customer loyalty. Questions are also important to look out for, as a quick response can make the business seem more personable.

5. Get Creative

There is a bunch of creative ways to use social media. Have your store start publishing things like employee recommendations in order to connect better with your customers. Promote your events in intriguing ways, or start regular postings such as an “outfit of the day” photo or trivia. All of these things keep your customers involved and help them comment and connect with your brand. Social media is a key part of marketing strategy, so be sure to use it as such.