A unique and renewed experience both for retailers and customers

The future of retail is now, it’s happening. And for many companies it’s a matter of adapting to it or go home. This new generation of customers, along with everyday technology advancements, is always expecting more and more from retailers and it’s only up to them to give the appropriate answer. Some companies are taking less time than others to get used to that, but fortunately the solutions go both ways. On the one hand, the customer shopping experience is constantly evolving; and on the other hand, retail companies are catching up.


According to experts, more than 55% of customers are willing to pay more for a good experience before, during and after the actual purchase of a product. That’s why providing a nice online customer shopping experience is key. It’s a concept that has been gaining ground when it comes to the retail industry and, though it seems easy, it has proven to be a big challenge for companies to carry it out. Brands not only have to identify this but also understand its real meaning and how to use it to improve their sales strategy.

The right tool can make a difference

In order to do this in a simple and efficient way, RetailApp™ has developed its Digital Checklist, a special tool designed to help retailers have an all-around perspective of their business in real time. This technology simplifies and automatize the whole process that involves the organization of the different stores’ common chores and tasks, while at the same time it generates useful data. Thus, the obtained information has multiple benefits: it allows to be able to prioritize activities, to assure the quality of the execution, and monitor the results.


In the end, RetailApp™’s Digital Checklist gives reliable statistics that can improve the customer shopping experience and, therefore, it translates in a more effective use of the retailers’ resources. That’s why it’s so important for these kind of companies to keep a close eye on their own processes, both in-store and digital. The proper management of them, with the right tool, can certainly make a huge difference in the increasingly competitive retail sector.

The omnichannel experience

Another big step towards creating a good customer experience is omnichannel retailing. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence now it’s possible to offer people a wide range of online and offline options to suit their demands. The advantage of the omnichannel experience is that, as all the information is stored in one database, customers can follow their enquiries through any platform or physical place in real time.


A tool like RetailApp™ ONE, that also includes Digital Checklist, more than 40 classic KPIs, goals and budgets distribution in a few clicks, among other attributes, could be of utmost importance to measure, analyze and act on all that information that omnichannel retailing can provide. The retail industry is evolving and companies must keep up with it.

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