RetailApp Academy.

There are millions of people around the world, working long hours in retail. However, 50% of all retail employees globally doesen’t receive trainings or coaching in the Retail Business.

RetailApp™ Academy is a space created to support everyone involved in the retail industry, willing both to learn and train their staff in a new way of working.

RetailApp™ | Treinamento formal e profissionalização para o varejo

Anyone interested in accessing to the training sessions will have to register in our webpage. After choosing the training course they want to do, they’ll get more details information. All courses are free of charge and after competing it they will get their certificate of completion.

RetailApp works with malls and shopping centers, as well as with retailers federations and union, so that they can offer their members and teams access to Academy, in a way that can help them improve their malls’ shopping experiences.


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A job position as a sales assistant is commonly considered as a “shelter” job; one that someone does when they cannot find something else, on summers or when they are studying.
Also, one of the reasons that Retail is an industry with such a high staff rotation rate is because of the lack of training.
In essence, it appears that the job does not require a lot to be done, but as in every other aspect, it takes responsibilities and skills to do any task and achieve good results.
In this program, you’ll be able to run through important aspects of good sales in retail, such as: updating info of interest for the job and how to transmit it to your partners, boosting performance in sales, competition identification, staff fidelization, amongst others.


Retail has been in an evolutionary process since the beginning of the Internet era. The arrival of online shopping has been a great influence in its transformation, especially in the last 5 years.
Despite the fact that retail in-store is still growing yearly, e-commerce is growing at a substantially faster pace each year.
Consumer is totally connected with their smartphones, nowadays, which has made it the scenario of a gruesome battle for the shoppers’ attention. In order not to disappear out of the customers mind, retail stores have to join that battle.


The main goal of the improvement of the shopping experience is to make the client to never forget what they felt when they came to the store in the first place, how they felt interacting with your brand and how the staff took care of their requests.
The shopping experience is closely related to perception and feelings, which is something the good salesperson should have in mind at all times, so that they can help the customer in their shopping process focusing on those aspects, trying to make it as smooth as possible.


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