Identify opportunities using data.

RetailApp gives tools to gather data and better understand trends and opportunities in the automotive industry. Technology solutions that will allow you to optimize inventory, internal procedures, giving you the agility needed to achieve success in the industry and offer a better customer service.

The efficiency of relying your decisions on data.

We have designed this brochure on trends in the retail industry so that you can discover the full potential RetailApp has to offer. 

What can RetailApp do for your company?

Intuitive Interface

Its user's interface has been designed so you can see results from your business the easiest way possible. By navigating up or down, you'll be able to see details by geography or location, add additional info and many more. From left to right, see data comprised over 40+ different KPIs.

Predictive Models

RetailApp will allow you to predict the impact of external events such as holidays and special occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or even weather to take advantage.


RetailApp integrates 100% of your company's teams, from the CEO to your store sales teams, managing access levels according to their responsibilities. Its social platform allows you to send messages and maintain communication between members so that the operation runs smoothly.

Goals & Budgets

In an easy and fast way, RetailApp™ will give you the possibility of assigning budgets and goals to each of your stores, preventing delays that can affect performance, at the same time it simplifies the management tasks of your company's executives.

Business Intelligence & decision making

Discover how RetailApp can help you make data into decisions by  downloading our e-paper

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