RetailApp™ | How to get better results in the next Black Friday?

How to get better results in the next Black Friday?

November is a month of opportunities in terms of boosting sales for both Latin America and the United States. The monthly calendar proposes several special events such as Black Friday, CyberMonday and “Buen Fin”.

How do Business Intelligence and Human Resources relate?

What is the impact of BI on HR management? The combination is perfect. Business Intelligence and Human Resources go hand in hand. How do Business Intelligence and Human Resources relate?

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When Technology Becomes The Best Dish In Your Restaurant

There was a time when a good restaurant was only measured by the quality of its dishes. But in this day and age, that’s not enough. Technology has risen up to become a key ingredient in every restaurant recipe.

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A unique and renewed experience both for retailers and customers

The future of retail is now, it’s happening. And for many companies it’s a matter of adapting to it or go home.

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RetailApp™ Took Part In The First Retail & Brand Experience World Congress

With the retail industry digital revolution as the central theme, last week took place in Barcelona the first edition of the Retail & Brand Experience World Congress.

Image gallery: RetailApp™ ONE presentation

RetailApp hosted an event to present the new version of our product, RetailApp One. We counted with the company of rewoned personalities of the retail industry, such as Carlos Ferreirinha and Ricardo Amorim, in a gathering with more than 250 assistants.

This Is What Happened In RetailApp™ ONE’s Launch Event

This Is What Happened In RetailApp™ ONE’s Launch Event During a special event with over 250 assistants, most of which were CEOs and directors of companies in the retail industry, we presented RetailApp™ ONE. Find out about everything that happened in the event in this note.

RetailApp™ present in the Retail Pro Global Council 2019

Last week, RetailApp™ was part of the of the “Retail Pro Global Council”, one of the most important events in the retail industry. The gathering took place in Miami, reunited more than 9,000 customers, rounding up to 159,000 points of sales in around 130 countries.

How to measure, analyze and improve the experience?

Improving the customer experience turns out to be one of the challenges in which all retail areas should focus their approach. How can we improve it if we can not measure it?

The retail of the future: keys to transformation

Millennials, centennials, generation T. New ways of accessing information, new ways of relating, new ways of deciding on the purchasing process.

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