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Participation Guidelines

We really appreciate anyone in the retail industry who can contribute with this supportive initiative. 


We invite you to be part of our Digital Library, providing content based on your experience as team leaders, as workers in the retail sector or retailers in general, to offer the community relevant contents from and for the retail industry.

Topics of interest

We are sharing a list of suggested topics for content creation, please feel free to choose any of these or to extend on any similar retail topic you are into:

How to participate

The material received will be only published in our Digital Library with prior consent of the author.


We strongly suggest recording the video or podcast, in a stable and quiet place to guarantee the best quality. Horizontally if it’s a video, and please state at the beginning of it, your full name and if interested, position and company.


All digital content will be received via e-mail at: Please add the subject: Digital Library. Or via WhatsApp: +1-786-3014373.


Other suggestions:

For video making

Length: 5’, 10’, 15’, 30’ or 60’ approximately. Of course, it doesn’t need to be precise, it’s just an idea to help you structure it.

For podcast recording

We do appreciate if you send us a picture of yourself to display with the audio.

Send your files

We recommend using WeTransfer.​

About you

Provide your full name, job position and company, if desired. (It’s not mandatory, we won’t publish it if you don’t authorize us).

Reminder: Nothing will be published without your prior authorization.


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Thank you!


RetailApp Team