Countdown: Are you ready for Black Friday?

Countdown: Are you ready for Black Friday?

Next Thursday we celebrate Thanksgiving, a special day to meet with family and friends. But also, the most important day for retailers. If you are part of the industry, you may be already dreaming about waiting lines at your stores. People can do anything to seize the best opportunities. So, you should be ready and organized by Wednesday evening.

Every year, Black Friday expands a little further around the world: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile, are just a few of the many countries that now have this kind of shopping campaign. In Spain, for example, they expect shoppers will spend 9% more than last year(1) and also to increase stores occupancy.

Black Friday like campaign can translate into plenty of sales opportunities. But at the same time every year they are becoming in a bigger operational challenge for companies. We can help you avoid the mistakes of the past. In this year’s Black Friday you can have a new strategic partner: RetailApp.

In this e-paper we offer some key tips for you to have everything ready for Black Friday and foresee how can RetailApp can boost your sales. Click here and download it now.


1 Credits: Puro Marketing