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In RetailApp we want to help all people in the retail industry to overcome these difficult days, by offering materials of interest and making our contribution so they can be better prepared for when they finally go back to their routine.
To this end, we will be creating new content, videos and podcasts, which will be uploaded into our Digital Library, where you can find topics of interest, recommendations, and exclusive interviews with industry leaders.
Our team is proactively working to keep us as close as possible, so we hope this material is as valuable for you as it is for us.



Relevant retail topics, interviews with industry leaders and more.

Retail & Covid-19: A circumstancial crisis or a cultural change?

Will there be a new post-COVID-19 retail world, or will it be, a restructuring of players?

4 Tips for Store Managers

From how to create a great customer experience to the three numbers all store managers must know.

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