What is RetailApp?

RetailApp is an innovative mobile application that allows retailers to see important data with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the success and opportunities for their business to grow. From the individual store level, to a global overview and everything in between, managers, directors and executives use RetailApp for an up-to-date, accurate view of their business’ data.

How does RetailApp benefit my retail business from the individual store to the global level?

By setting different permissions in the implementation process (or onboarding a new user), leaders within your organization can get the data that is applicable and limited to their role. Each user has their own profile and access level, predefined by the company. This makes important data available to company leaders and directors immediately, with just a couple of clicks on the mobile app.

Store managers can only see the data for their store, while a regional director has access to all stores under their responsibility. A company executive or multi-store manager can easily switch data views between stores and also compare store data in groups. Roles are protected, so that users only see the data that is relevant and authorized for them to see. With RetailApp, you can clearly see areas where your company is succeeding, as well as identifying opportunities for change in order to protect and grow your business.

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How can RetailApp be used for inter-store or inter-company messaging and communication?

Use the social tools within RetailApp to ‘like’ (heart button) the data you see, or message a colleague (comment window button) to request more information or comment on changes to data.

Communication is streamlined, minimizing the confusion that often results from data-driven conversation by including the data as an attachment to your RetailApp message. This is very important for busy professionals! For example, when a director requests more context or details about data in RetailApp from a store manager, the store manager can see exactly what the director is asking about because the data is included on the RetailApp message. RetailApp’s social features allow for simplified, hassle-free communication.

Can I get reports from the RetailApp data?

Yes! Simply click the report button (2 sheets of paper) on any KPI data to have a more comprehensive report sent to your email. You can then print the report or forward it to applicable parties within your company for analysis, reporting, collaboration, and further discussion.

How is RetailApp different from other reporting and analytics applications available for businesses?

There’s nothing like RetailApp for retail businesses! While other data companies give generalized information, RetailApp’s data is based on KPIs that are specifically

relevant to retailers and commerce-based businesses. Today, less than 10 percent of retailers have access to real-time data about their business’ operations.

We connect the other 90% of the people that never had access to the information, due to very expensive and complex platforms. This is the empowerment that every team needs. With RetailApp, managers and directors – and even sales professionals, if desired – can see all data as up-to-date as the next business day.

What is the RetailApp implementation process? Will my company get help with onboarding?

Once your company decides to implement RetailApp, our team provides a comprehensive presentation to walk you through how the app works. We understand that most of our clients have already invested in very expensive and complex platforms, so RetailApp was designed to be installed on top of any existing system or platform.

RetailApp has been designed to be ‘Click and Run’: We collect your data, wherever it is, process it and give it back organized and present it in a way that you have not experienced before: Actionable, simple, ready to use. Once we integrate your data, we train your team so that everyone knows how to use RetailApp. We really want your business to enjoy the connectivity, increased productivity, and actionable data that RetailApp can provide, so we are committed to ensuring a smooth onboarding process!


Is RetailApp secure? How is is data/information protected?

Yes! All data is secured with password-protected logins, and with applicable mobile devices, can be activated by Touch ID. User permissions and access levels are set by the company, so that lower-level management cannot access irrelevant or confidential data that is outside of or above their position.

How do I monitor specific stores or regions that are struggling or excelling?

Based on your level of access as set by your company’s administrator, you can easily switch between viewing specific store or groups of store data. Your view will show the KPIs that indicate positive or negative conditions or changes. Bookmark locations that you intend to monitor more closely or regularly, and set alerts to get notifications about any changes to data, so that you can act swiftly and accordingly.

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Can I automate the data alerts I see in RetailApp?

Yes! Choose the KPIs that you care about, with specific stores, regions, or the data itself, and you can opt to receive notifications when that data changes for better or worse.

Can RetailApp be customized to my retail business’ unique needs for reporting and data access?

Yes! The clean, simple and customizable design of RetailApp allows you to re-organize the KPI screens and pages within the app to tailor your view to meet your needs.

Is RetailApp ONLY for retailers? What about my restaurant franchise?

While RetailApp was initially designed for retailers in order to fill a need for accessing relevant and up-to-date data, it’s a very useful and beneficial tool for a long list of other industries. Restaurant franchises and multi-location service businesses such as auto shops, salons and spas, and even business-to-business agencies can benefit from using RetailApp’s data to inform their decisions and processes.