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Discover all the benefits that RetailApp have for your store chain. By implementing our solutions, you'll find a new way of managing your business. Access data in real time, both from a store in particular and from your entire operation.

RetailApp is an ecosystem of solutions designed to connect companies and teams. It provides a set of KPIs (key performance indicators) in real time. Also, it includes a cocial platform tool to communicate faster between all members in the company and Business Intelligence campabilities that will allow you to make decisions using data generated in real time.

Yes, you can! Our platofmr includes over 40 KPIs, but it also gives you the possibility of customizing them in function of every client needs.

RetailApp is available for every company willing to improve their perfomance using data. Companies who choose our tools more frequently are those in the automotive business, as well as restaurants, finnancial, oil companies, supermarket chains, amongs others. Our paltform is fully customizable so it will suit any company needs.

As a company who will handle sensitive data, security is one of RetailApp™ main priorities, which makes it one of the most secure data management platforms in the market.

Yes, it is! Our ecosystem of solutions will coexist with other BI solutions that have already been deployed in your company, as well as any CRM platform, wothout causing any issue or discrepancy.