From 1 to 10 stores

Manage your stores using data, in real time.

RetailApp™ is the next step to your business’ professionalization. A tool that will give you the power to monitor a group of stores or even full detail of a particular one, to discover in real time what’s happening in your daily operation, solve problems and seize opportunity.

The efficiency of relying your decisions on data.

We have designed this brochure on trends in the retail industry so that you can discover the full potential RetailApp™ has to offer. 

What can RetailApp™ do for your company?

100% Secure

RetailApp™ is a certified data management platform. Our servers and tools are certified secure by Microsoft standards. In adition, our security experts works directly with our clients' IT departments in every project, assuring the security of each data integration.


Access to RetailApp™ from your smartphone, your tablet o or through the web app available for Google Chrome, which saves you time in the back-office

Digital Checklist

RetailApp™ developed an interactive checklist, to help you monitor your stores daily status dynamically, in an easy-to-use form your in-store teams can use to deliver info about every aspect of your shops.

Goals & Budgets

In an easy and fast way, RetailApp™ will give you the possibility of assigning budgets and goals to each of your stores, preventing delays that can affect performance, at the same time it simplifies the management tasks of your company's executives.

Business Intelligence & decision making

Discover how RetailApp™ can help you make data into decisions by  downloading our e-paper

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