How can Business Intelligence help you in making decisions?

The power of data is one of the realities that grows year after year and 2018 was no exception. We started talking about Big Data a while ago. We continue by Artificial Intelligence. Now we add Business Intelligence (BI) In 2015 we launched RetailApp, recognizing the importance of transforming that data into necessary information for your routines and those of your entire team. As you already know, analyzing the data that your company is generating, to transform them into information that we show you in real time in a clear and easily accessible way is one of our distinctive features.

That is Business Intelligence. Now, let’s move on to see how BI is the best ally to create more effective strategies. BI gives you the opportunity not to depend on opinion but to decentralize decision making based on the analysis of the information that the company generates. Visualizing this information will be the basis for creating a culture of KPIs within the organization, generating a change within your company globally. It allows you to save costs, time and optimize processes.

At the management level, without a doubt, BI is the tool that reduces uncertainty in decision-making, since these are based on reliable information. It is not only about accessing basic indicators such as the total of your daily billing or the ticket average. BI goes beyond that: get patterns of behavior of your customers delving into their tastes and buying habits. Thus the improvements are not only in marketing and sales, but also in areas of production and services creating another type of relationship with the customer that allows you to anticipate and adapt to your requirements.

Monitor all your points of sale in real time, to manage with transparency and efficiency resources and standardize the information facilitates the comparison of the performance of the different areas. The time has come for you to plan with more certainties, achievable goals and, therefore, motivating.

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