Partner Programs


The RetailApp™ Channel Partner Program is tailored for several different types of partners. Whether you’re a partner recommending the application to your customers or clients, or your organization wants to incorporate RetailApp™ into your business’ service offering, we’re ready to work with you to create the best experience for your clientele.  

RetailApp™ offers up-to-date data analytics that can be accessed easily from a smartphone, anywhere in the world. This at-your-fingertips access to critical KPIs can transform how retail executives and store managers make decisions to improve their business.

In addition to being an easy sell as a revolutionary tool for the retail industry, RetailApp™ benefits our reseller partners in the following ways:

  • Increase your own revenue and profits by reselling this innovative platform.
  • Authentic, effective tool with quantifiable effects on your clients’ businesses.
  • Expert support through implementation, training, and ongoing technical assistance.


How Our Partner Program Works

Never before has retail data been so accessible! With RetailApp™, leaders within organizations worldwide can get the KPI data they need by simply picking up their smartphones and selecting the range of data they need to review. Our reseller partners deeply appreciate how RetailApp™ facilitates the process of turning KPI data into tangible action items – it’s an easy thing to sell to their clientele.

With RetailApp™, your clients can finally access the up-to-date data they need to make critical business decisions. Unlike other tools, ours is simple, easy to use, and a functioning analytics tool with data as current as yesterday.

We can customize the look, feel and KPIs that your clients want and need, as well as providing expert level support throughout the implementation process. Within just two weeks, your clients can be completely onboarded with RetailApp™, using the data to drive the daily decisions that influence their success.

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