RetailApp™ partners with leaders in retail technology, software and even hardware to integrate our one-of-a-kind platform with retail-specific products and services. From payment portals like the popular Clover system, to business strategy and merchandising services, our OEM partners can get a leg up on the competition by partnering with RetailApp.

You can integrate the RetailApp™ platform with OEM products in order to streamline the communication of data from payment portal to reports. RetailApp™ displays appropriate data (based on company-set permissions levels) at the executive on down to store manager levels, and with fully integrated data from RetailApp™, our OEM partners can offer even more of a value-add to their customers. Using RetailApp™, leaders within retail organizations can make more informed decisions about everything from opening a new store in a growing region, to improving storefront displays based on sales data.

Make more informed decisions

about everything.

How Our OEM Program Works

RetailApp offers a 50 percent commission on sales made under our OEM partners. The app can be customized to white-label our platform through your organization’s branding, offering an exclusive advantage over other tools.