When you become a partner within the RetailAppTM Channel Partner Program, your company can enjoy numerous benefits as well as value-adding tools and technology for your retail clients.

Our Channel Partner Program provides you with all of the resources you need, from specialized retail solutions and revolutionary technology, to system integration and ongoing support.

Become a partner within the RetailApp™ Channel Partner Program.

Retail Solutions

RetailAppTM is more than just a data-driven mobile application for retailers – it has detailed information that retailers need in order to see the up-to-date status of the Key Performance Indicators that drive their success. By providing this information at the touch of a button on a manager or director’s smartphone or tablet, decision makers finally have the tools and data to increase revenue – and therefore profits – while reducing inventory and/or processes that hurt their success. This data has never been so readily accessible for retailers, and it is only available with RetailApp. And now our partners have a unique opportunity to increase your own revenue by working with us to benefit your retail clients with this innovative, important system.

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Expert Support

The RetailApp team works directly with a retailer through system integration, and even after implementation with technology support. Our business consultants ensure that each member of the retailer’s company and/or team, from executive management on down to the store manager level, is fully informed about how the app works, how to read the data for their needs, and most importantly, how to use RetailAppTM to increase success of their store and/or the company as a whole.

Partner Requirements

We don’t require a lot from our partners; we’re in this together and we want to make sure all retailers know about the benefits and growth they can enjoy by using RetailAppTM to inform their business decisions. Our requirements for our partners are simple:

  • Your retail clients must have a minimum of 10 store/franchise locations
  • You must share RetailAppTM’s commitment to bring value to retail clients
  • Your business must be dedicated to transparency, both with your clients and partners

No relationship is the same, so RetailAppTM will work with our potential partners to create custom agreements that benefit both parties. Contact our team today to discuss a partnership with RetailAppTM!

Partner Benefits

The primary purpose of RetailAppTM is to make data access and analysis easy for retailers of all sizes. We want to bring value to our retail clients as well as our partners’ by making their KPI data effortless to access and simple to understand, so that they can put that data to use and increase their sales and profits! By partnering with RetailAppTM to bring this innovative retail data technology to your clients, you can enjoy a variety of partner benefits:

  • Exclusive access to resell our revolutionary data analysis application
  • Increase your own revenue and profits by offering this one-of-a-kind technology to your retail clients
  • Bring your retail clients something of true critical value
  • Minimal labor required; your clients will receive our expert support, from implementation and training to ongoing technical assistance