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Join our alliance of specialists and find out about the newest technologies available for retailers, to help them evolve and face the new scenarios in the business.

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The efficiency of relying your decisions on data.

We have designed this brochure on trends in the retail industry so that you can discover the full potential RetailApp™ has to offer. 

Be a part of our network of RetailApp Masters. Give your  clients the possibility of accessing a data management platform with a plethora of business tech solutions that will help them boost their performance.

Our Master Reseller program was created aiming at tech specialists and company advisors, so that they can guide new businesses into the usage and implementation of any of the RetailApp™ set of tools. This way, resellers can diversify their offer and conquer new markets with retailer checklist tools, KPI management platforms, predictive models and other important business tools.

Focused on companies dedicated to the reselling of hardware and software / Saas solutions, the OEM representatives program of RetailApp, does not only contemplate the reselling of our platform and tools, but also counseling and tech support, in a way that can offer  competitive edge as well. Our alliances are a symbol of experiences’ development,  so that our OEM representatives can become a strong ally, giving support to all areas involved: tech support and development, sales, marketing and account management.

RetailApp™ can transform the way your clients do business, offering access to a full data management ecosystem, so that they can use data generated in real time and make fast decisions and enhance their capabilities.

The possibility of becoming an authorized reseller of RetailApp, as an independent reseller

You'll have training in the use of the app, as well as implementation and support

Support from RetailApp™ specialists, access to a training database of trends in the industry and how to face challenges in the retail business

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