The team behind RetailAppTM believes that working with channel partners is an effective way to reach new retail clients.

Our founders built successful channel partner programs before founding RetailApp, and the principles that led to that success now serve as the platform for the RetailAppTM Partner Program.

These principles are:

Focus on “fit” – RetailAppTM has a client-centered company culture. Our company values challenge us to always seek the best solution for our clients. We look for partners that share our unwavering dedication to offering value to retail clients.

Flexibility – RetailAppTM’s team recognizes that each channel partner is unique. When we find a partner that we believe is the right fit, we work together to create an agreement that serves all parties best – the end client, the partner and RetailAppTM.

Transparency – RetailAppTM is based on the belief that open communication and information-sharing between our company and our channel partners will yield the best results for our retail clients. We value transparency and look for channel partners who share that value.


The RetailApp™ Channel Partner Program offers participants the opportunity to enhance their existing product and service portfolios with RetailApp’s innovative retail technology solutions.