Last week, RetailApp™ was part of the of the “Retail Pro Global Council”, one of the most important events in the retail industry. The gathering took place in Miami, April 4th to 6th, and it reunited more than 9,000 customers, rounding up to 159,000 points of sales in around 130 countries.

Organized by Retail Pro International (RPI), one of the global leaders in management of software for retailers, the event work around three of the most influential subjects for the activity nowadays: strategy, sales and retail empowerment. In this theme, all the attendants had the chance to contact all of the RetailApp™ management team, including Gonzalo Almada (CEO), Carlos Lerena (COO) y Marcelo Monteiro (VP LatAm Operations).

This way, all of the attendants had the chance to test and learn more about our ecosystem of solutions, its capabilities and how RetailApp™ can help them, through the harvesting of data and its organization under more than 40 KPIs. Their experience included the use of RetailApp™ Checklist and the experimentation with our predictive models, all available for them to have a glimpse of what the ecosystem can do for their companies.
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