Real time data. Stop waiting for the next day.

RetailApp is a platform created to commit with the trends of a new generation of customers. Available to operate across all operative systems, both desktop and mobile, for teams in a store or at the office.

RetailApp Dashboard

The efficiency of relying your decisions on data.

We designed this brochure on trends in the retail industry so you can discover the full potential RetailApp has to offer. 

What can RetailApp do for your company?

100% Secure

RetailApp is a certified performance management tool. Our servers are certified secure by Microsoft standards. In addition, our security experts work directly with our customer IT departments in every project, assuring the security of each data integration.

Intuitive User Interface

Every screen has been organized in order to achieve the best results possible without any complications, allowing access to over 40 KPIs, including revenue, geography and current stock, with just a few clicks and scrolls

Predictive Models

RetailApp allows you to prevent events that could affect your operation, whether they are holiday seasons like Christmas or Black Friday, or even external events such as weather or traffic jams, so that you can be prepared accordingly.

Mystery Shopper Module

RetailApp gives you access to its experience module, so you can analyze and evaluate performance in-stores and focus your efforts and resources in improving your customers' shopping experience.

Digital Checklist

RetailApp developed an interactive checklist, to help you monitor your daily stores status dynamically. In an easy-to-use form your in-store teams can deliver info about every aspect of your shops.

Over 40+ KPIs

RetailApp provides a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), with a social platform component and BI carefully curated according to the business market you are in, so you can measure and forecast your revenue and profit.

Goals and Budgets

In an easy and fast way, RetailApp will give you the possibility to assign budgets and goals to each of your stores, preventing delays that can affect performance and at the same time, it simplifies the management tasks of your company's executives.

Communication and collaboration

RetailApp integrates 100% of your company's teams, from the CEO to your stores' sales teams, managing access levels according to their responsibilities. Its social platform allows you to send messages to colleagues and maintain communication between members so that the operation runs smoothly.

RetailApp Connect

RetailApp Connect

A fast and safe connection

We built a platform for internal communications, that will allow each user to connect, send audio and video with other users of the company, without the need of having a contact list. This way, the information shared within each team is compliant to security standards of the highest level, developed specially for our ecosystem of solutions.

Lara, your voice assistant

Instant voice reports

Lara is the voice assistant of RetailApp, to whom you will be able to ask anything, from closing sales reports to any other data from a PoS, from a particular city or even the whole company. Triggered by just a couple of words, you will both see and hear results in just a few seconds and ask her, for instance, to send you the info straight to your email.

RetailApp - LARA

Business Intelligence & decision making

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