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Our network of allies in EMEA, Latam and the United States will offer you all of the capabilites of RetailApp. All of our partners are fully capable of supporting you through all of the steps required to implement RetailApp, as well as to give you tech support, counseling and problem solving, so that your project runs smoothly.

The efficiency of relying your decisions on data.

We have designed this brochure on trends in the retail industry so that you can discover the full potential RetailApp™ has to offer. 

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Chilpancingo Nº 158.

Roma Sur, Del. Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México,  México.

+52 (55) 5536-0626

Av. Braz Leme, 1000.

Santana, São Paulo, Brasil

0800 70 98 100

Calle Lago Zurich 245, Granada, 11529 Ciudad de México, CDMX, México.

(855) 853-8340

Calle Londres N° 78, planta 2, puerta 3.

(08036) Barcelona, España.

+34 682072730 / +34 690930881

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