RetailApp Support

RetailApp has a team of experts available to help you maximize your experience within the platform. Manage all of your needs and inquiries through our Customer Support help desk.
Watch training videos share tutorials with your team o just contact our team for problem solving.

RetailApp Support

The efficiency of relying your decisions on data.

We designed this brochure on trends in the retail industry so that you can discover the full potential RetailApp has to offer. 

What can our support team do for you?


Our tools are easy and fast to install. In two weeks, RetailApp will be fully integrated. Our specialists will be there to make sure that you have the best experience, so that implementation and on boarding runs smoothly and effortless for you.


Post implementation, we accompany you to make the first steps into the use of the platform. All of RetailApp users will have access to a database of training videos, tutorials and backup material, all of it available through our main dashboard.

Best Practices

RetailApp specialists will guide you to take full advantage of the use of the tools, sharing good practices and case studies, so you can incorporate it into your daily processes and boost your performance.

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