This is what happened in RetailApp™ ONE’s launch event

During a special event with over 250 assistants, most of which were CEOs and directors of companies in the retail industry, we presented RetailApp™ ONE. Our data platform has been completely renewed, to include all of RetailApp’s already known functionalities and also to add new features such as the newly integrated Digital Checklist, the inclusion of rankings in every KPI and a brand-new social module, capable of managing messaging, audio and video calls, without having to leave the app. Find out about everything that happened in the event in this note.

In the city of Sao Paulo, in May 8th, over 250+ CEOs and directors in the retail industry were part off the launch of RetailApp™ ONE. Carlos Ferreirinha, Director of MCF Consulting and specialist of management in the luxury items business, was in charge of conducting the event. Ferreirinha, in his introductory dissertation, exposed about his point of view regarding the keys to target the brazilian consumers, identifying their main attributes and the intrinsec need for the retailers to “rethink, imagine and rebuild” in order to address the new customer profile and to align future strategies.

RetailApp ONE launch

Following Ferreirinha’s opening, a joint exposition took place, betweenn Gonzalo Almada, CEO de RetailApp™ and Laercio Cosentino, Chairman de TOTVS, RetailApp’s main partner in Brazil to face the ever-dynamic retail industry in that country. Gonzalo and Laercio went deep into the components and values of the industry, and also about the benefits of having access to a platform that allows the leaders of a company, their directors and managers, to make decisions in real time based on data.

RetailApp ONE launch

Then, Marcelo Monteiro, VP Operations LATAM and Caroline Von Hartenstein, followed and shared the user experience of RetailApp™ ONE with all of the assistants. The specialists went over all of the platform’s functionalities. This demonstration included the navigation through all of the KPIs and the communication features, emphasising in the possibility of messaging and audio/video calling all of the members of a company, without having to leave the app, making communications 100% secure. They also explained the new features included in the new digital checklist, a tool that automatize the management and resolution of tasks needed previous a store opening, and they introduced “Lara”, an automated bot assistant designed to answer requests from the users, such as specific company data, filtering and reporting, without needing to even click a button.

RetailApp ONE launch

Ricardo Amorim, one of the most influential economists in Brazil and expert in latin american markets, was in charge of closing the event. Amorim shared his overview on the past, present and future of the retail industry in Brazil. He also included micro and macroeconomic tendencies and statistics regarding “fiscal health” and Brazil’s GPB projections, talking about the importance of KPIs for the correct planning and management of activities in the retail industry.

RetailApp ONE launch

RetailApp™ ONE’s launch event was a success and it presented the new version of an innovative platform that arrived to the market to transform the daily operation of retail businesses, from the sales operations to logistics and management, in a way that includes every and each member of the company.

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