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RetailApp is the first performance management tool that allows you to measure your company’s results in real time.


RetailApp presentation

In our presentation we tell you how RetailApp connects organizations in a few days, regardless the size of the company.

Institutional Videos

RetailApp ONE: Maximum Capacity for retailers

RetailApp is a platform designed to help you unlock the full potential of your company.

RetailApp - The first performance manager tool for retailers

RetailApp: The first performance management tool for retailers

A platform with an innovative, intuitive and easy to navigate interface that enhances the performance of your team.

Tutorial Videos

RetailApp ONE: Getting to know our platform

We tell you what kind of information you can access from the Retail App and how you can navigate to know the results through our interface.

RetailApp ONE: Checklist

A tool that allows you to monitor in real time the daily tasks of opening and closing each of your stores.

RetailApp ONE: Key Performance Indicators

Analyze the key traditional performance indicators of the industry. On a single screen you can identify, among others, daily sales, average price per ticket, average ticket and more, in real time.

RetailApp ONE: Our KPI "Conversion"

From the "Conversion" tab you can access the conversion rate of sales in your stores, identifying the number of people who entered and being able to analyze sales per hour.

RetailApp ONE: Our KPI "Ticket 1"

How many tickets with a single product did you issue today? We show you how you can get that answer on our platform.

RetailApp ONE: Multiplatform

Enjoy the possibility of accessing the most important indicators of your company from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, anytime, anywhere.

RetailApp ONE: Connect

Calls, chats and video calls without leaving the platform and an updated agenda with all team members. Discover how to share data with the team safely and without downloading files.