March 31, 2020. By Gonzalo Almada

A letter from our CEO

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Hello everyone,

It has been two challenging weeks and I guess next weeks won’t be much different, so I wanted to take the time to say a few words.

We are all trying to figure out how to adjust to this new reality and I think we need to get ready to fight for more than two weeks. We need to be more responsible than ever and take care of ourselves, our beloved ones and our society. 

I really hope that we will all be accountable and do our best to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus.

In RetailApp we have been thinking how we can help people go through these tough days. We know there are millions of retail workers at home, concerned and anxious about this situation. 

Unfortunately, we cannot solve all the problems that people might be facing, but we can stay close to them, and that is exactly what we are going to do. 

In the following days we will be frequently uploading videos into our digital library, talking about interesting retail topics, interviews to retail leaders, and overall content that we hope people will find interesting. 

We are asking retail workers, team leaders and retailers overall, to help us on this cause, by sending us short videos or voice audios (podcasts) that we can share with our users or whoever would like to see or listen them.

If you are interested in helping us, please click here, and see what our ideas are in how to create interesting content for the people at home. Thank you in advance!

A quick message to the leaders, no matter the size of the team you are leading, this is the time to stand out and show your best leadership. People count on you. 

Last but not least, I want to tell you that we are positive about the future, and we trust in the power of teamwork, so let’s work together to get through this storm.

I wish all the best to you and your families, please stay safe.

Gonzalo Almada

CEO RetailApp