RetailApp_How will shopping malls be transformed by COVID-19

How will shopping malls be transformed by COVID-19?

Due to the huge and devastating impact the pandemic has had in retail stores and, most of all in shopping malls, they are trying to find a way to avoid closure. According to experts, the industry was already in crisis before the quarantine because of the rapid growth of e-commerce and this situation just accelerated it. But how are shopping malls facing this situation? What is expected in the near future? Keep on reading and find out more. An initial estimation made by Coresight Research, for 2020 is that in the United States, almost 15.000 retail stores will shut their…

RetailApp - 10 ways the pandemic will change our shopping habits

10 ways the pandemic will change our shopping habits

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has caused economic damages at a global level and the retail sector is not the exception. Though the coronavirus keeps with its expansion on the American continent, also including some new outbreaks in Europe and Asia, we are beginning to see how’s life going to be like in the new normal. That is why we will tell you 10 ways in which the pandemic will change our shopping habits. Is then retail industry ready for the challenge? Just keep on reading and find out! Consumption, hygiene and trustfulness During the so called ‘new normal’, people will go…

Infographic: The impact of the coronavirus on LATAM e-commerce

We anticipated in this article the online purchasing behavior of some of the countries in the region. Based on these data, we developed this infographic so that you can have an overview of all the information with the main KPIS by country. Please fill in the form below and download the infographic. Did you like this article? Share it with your colleagues! Share on facebook Share on Facebook Share on twitter Share on Twitter Share on linkedin Share on Linkedin Leave us your comments

RetailApp - The first data about ecommerce

Coronavirus and Retail: The first data about E-Commerce

The global crisis of COVID-19 sped up convergence between traditional and online commerce, an outcome that we were beating in the retail world, not just because of what numbers and tendencies promised, but because of a situation that nobody ever imagined. In times of social distancing there is no safer alternative, for our customers and for our employees, than to shop online. Lockdown due to the health emergency raised the numbers of online purchases at global level. The WTO highlights that B2B and B2C sales soared. Industries that were in the last positions, talking about the amount of online transactions,…